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AdWords data in Google Analytics account: Getting data is as simple as my 4 steps

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Hello Everyone!

I am Aneesha and have been working on Google Analytics and AdWords integration issues. Today, I will try and simplify how to associate AdWords and Analytics and get your AdWords data in the Analytics account. Here it goes!

Situation: You have an AdWords account which is promoting site and you have an Analytics account where you are tracking (we assume that the tracking code has correctly been placed on the site). So that you can get to see how users behave once they have clicked on your ads, you should associate the accounts with each other. This is not merging but ‘linking’ them so that they have a common path between them, so to speak.

What are the checks that you need to do so that you can link the accounts and get AdWords data?

Step 1: Make sure the admin email address on AdWords and Analytics is the same. So, if the email address is on AdWords, it should be on the Analytics account as well. If this is not the case, the easier option would be to ad as the admin on the Analytics account. Steps can be found here.

Step 2: Once this has been done, the next step would be to link the accounts, which is applying cost data. How does this help? Well, this helps in bringing the AdWords side of data, the clicks, impressions etc into the Analytics account. So that you can compare the AdWords ad aspects well as the user behaviour after the user clicks on the ad like visits, visitors, page views etc.

Note: Clicks and visits, visits and visitors- all these are different metrics. Don’t confuse one with the other Smiley Happy Read more in this Help Center article.  

Linking steps are given with screenshots in this comprehensive article.

Step 3: Have either manual tagging or auto tagging. How does tagging help? Tagging helps the system understand the source of the visits. No tagging = no visits coming in.

Also, you should have either manual or auto, not both together since that would kind of confuse the system as to what to track, from where to track. It is like  trying to cross the road when cars are coming from both the sides- one would not know which way to look!!

We recommend auto tagging since this automatically tags the URL with the relevant data and visits, visitors etc can come into the Analytics account. Steps to enable auto tagging: AdWords account-> My account-> preferences-> edit auto-tagging-> check box for 'Destination URL Auto-tagging'-> save changes.

Or, if you like, you can manually tag your URL but then, don’t enable auto tagging.

Step 4: Make sure cost data has been applied. Linking accounts successfully usually leads to successful application of cost data as well.

Go to analytics account for the particular profile-> Click on the Admin tab -> Profiles-> Profiles settings -> AdWords Cost Source Settings -> Apply cost sources (check box)-> Click Apply. After linking accounts, do check the admin tab to confirm that this has already been done.

Once the above are in place, wait for 24 hours and Voila! the AdWords data would come under the Advertising section of your Analytics account. Smiley Happy

To summarize:
1) Make sure the code has correctly been placed
2) Admins should be the same
3) Link accounts/apply cost data
4) Enable auto tagging or manually tag URL
5) Wait for 24 hours

I hope this will help in a situation when you are having problems in getting AdWords data in your Analytics account. Let me know if there are any concerns around any of the above aspects.




Note: This is an open forum and hence I will not be able to answer account specific questions. If you require personalized help with your account, you can always reach us via our various support channels that we have. Thank you!

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Re: AdWords data in Google Analytics account: Getting data is as simple as my 4 steps

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Thank you, Aneesha.