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AdWords conversion data discrepancy

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Hi guys,


Recently, I have noticed that the number of conversions reported in AdWords accounts are now significantly lower than those recorded in CRM and the gap has been rapidly widening for a few months. This makes conversion tracking inside AdWords nearly useless.


I assumed that this discrepancy is caused by wider adoption of browsers that block third party cookies by default and decided to import Analytics goal completions into AdWords.


Do you guys experience similar issues?




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Re: AdWords conversion data discrepancy

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Hello there; welcome; 

 Please read this article on the topic;


Missing data and discrepancies

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Re: AdWords conversion data discrepancy

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Hi Rion, what's your typical time lag to Conversion?  And what Attribution model are you using to track conversions within your CRM?  AdWords only records conversions within 30 days so if you're looking at first-click attributions it could be that some are occurring past 30 days.



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Re: AdWords conversion data discrepancy

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Thanks for the replies.

The time lag is typically small and conversion is attributed to the last touch in CRM. We have always had some discrepancy, which is in itself okay, but the gap has been widening to the point that the number in AdWords interface is useless.

I think that there is something that is making this gap larger in recent months.

I think

Re: AdWords conversion data discrepancy

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Hi Rion


We had a similar problem couple of months ago and the discrepancy was far too large to accept in one of our client's Adwords accounts which we taken on board. There are lots of theories which you will find on the web about this. And there are no hard evidence to back those theories... 


But here are couple of things you can do, which really worked for us.


  1. Link your Google Accounts - Adwords to Analytics to Webmaster Tools (Most Important)
  2. Use Google Tag Manager for Goal Tracking & Adwords Conversion Tracking.
  3. Use Real-time Analytics like Woopra or

We have seen a significant drop in the data discrepancy within few days of implementing these measures...


I hope this will fix the issue...