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AdWords and Analytics conversion

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I am trying to reconcile the difference in value of conversions from my AdWords account and Analytics. Ive looked at the previous suggestions. Analytics is reporting the same number of Clicks but not the same number of conversions or transactions or conversions value. Its wayyy off. Any help in this issue would be great. 

Re: AdWords and Analytics conversion

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Hi Xactware,

AdWords reports conversions as first click attribution. Analytics attributes conversions to last click interaction.

So if a visitor clicked on your ad 3 weeks ago but converts only today, then
AdWords will show the conversion occurring 3 weeks ago
Analytics will show conversion occurring today

It is typically not possible to fully reconcile this data. However, you can get a better feel for what's going on by looking at different attribution models. For example;

In Analytics, go to the Reporting tab, then to Conversions, then Model Comparison. Compare your Paid Traffic goal completions as first click vs last click attribution. If first click attribution gives you a significant increase in conversions, then you're likely experiencing a situation where there is a delay in the conversion. People click the AdWords ad, then take some time before they convert. This would suggest that the discrepancy between AdWords and Analytics is caused by this time lag.

Also, double check that the goals are set up correctly in Analytics and are looking at the correct URL and have the right match type. This is very important as even a small difference can be vital. For example, if you have an ecommerce site that adds the order number to the sale confirmation page, you'll need to ensure that you only use the static portion of the URI when setting up the goal, and use something like "begins with" matching option. Otherwise not all of your goal completions will be tracked.

Having said that, even if everything is set up correctly, you will have a difficult time reconciling these numbers and getting them to match completely.

Hope this helps