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AdWords VS. Google Analytics Reporting

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AdWords reporting says one thing, Analytics, another.

I know this is an ongoing battle of understanding, but I have become so frustrated trying to explain this clients, I need to ensure that I fully understand it myself.

Please poke holes in any of this logic if I am off-base.

Scenario 1
Basically, AdWords drops the cookie on users and it lives for 30 days. If that user comes to the site via an AdWords ad, converts, and never comes back within 30 days, that is logged as 1-per click conversion.

Analytics will log this as a Google CPC conversion, also, because it was the last known referrer before converting.

Scenario 2
If the user visits, then leaves without converting, but searches again 10 days later and follows an organic link to the site, but converts, then that user is still counted as 1-per click conversion - even though the last referrer was NOT an AdWords ad.

Analytics will NOT log this as a Google CPC conversion, however, because it was not the last known referrer before converting. Instead, Analytics will give credit to organic.

If these two scenarios are correct, then is it safe to say:

1) AdWords reporting will almost always be higher because of both the many-per-click metric and the fact that any conversion completed in a 30-day period is measured and added to the count - even if its the same user, converting multiple times (many-per-click)

2) CPC reporting in Analytics will almost always be less because Analytics only takes into account the last known referrer AND does not take duplicate conversions into consideration?

Please offer any feedback to this post as it has driven me crazy for many years. I have passed 3 Google certification tests and have been in the company since it started, and this one has always alluded me with regards to complete understanding.


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September 2015

Re: AdWords VS. Google Analytics Reporting

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Hi Anwar,
This is the nice topics.
You have clearly explained everything in the scenario 1 & 2. You can also add the term "Attribution" in your statement and explain how Analytics and Adwords attributes the conversions.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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Re: AdWords VS. Google Analytics Reporting

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Yes, Anwar, there's nothing much to say, you are already on right track.


However, as @Rakesh Kumar  points out, you should add Attribution to the report to make your client understand how and why there's such difference in conversion data. 


More about Attribution can be found here


Ratan Jha

Re: AdWords VS. Google Analytics Reporting

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I'm happy to hear from you senior. thanks.

Re: AdWords VS. Google Analytics Reporting

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Yes! already read. thanks your kind information.