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AdWords Conversions imported from Analytics are shown as not set (not assigned to the campaign)

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I have a problem with my AdWords conversion tracking since 21st of March. Anyone can help me Smiley Wink



Current Setup & Problem:  


Google Analytics account is connected with Adwords Account – and vice versa.


Google Universal Analytics ID is implemented and working.  


Data Share and Auto-Tagging are both enabled. 


Google Analytics Conversions are set up and working perfectly in “conversions section”.


BUT: 98% of conversions in the “acquisition > campaign section” are set as “not set”! In this section clicks are assigned correctly to the AdWords campaigns, but only very few conversions are assigned to a campaign – most are shown as “not set”.   


Google Analytics Conversions are imported into Google Adwords.


BUT: Same error as in Analytics. Only few conversion are assigned to a campaign – most are shown as “not set”.



Analytics shows the following error, but I only have one AdWords and one Analytics account and both are linked to each other.


“View Alle Websitedaten is receiving AdWords traffic from an unlinked AdWords account.

 If Analytics receives data from an unlinked AdWords account, then that data is labeled (not set) in reports. Consequently, when analyzing these reports, you will not be able to attribute data to the correct AdWords account.

 In order to have your views correctly receive AdWords attribution data, you need to link the appropriate AdWords accounts to your Analytics property, and then select views in which you want to be able to see the data.

 To link AdWords accounts to your Analytics property, have the AdWords account owner click the Admin link in Analytics to get to the administrator settings page, click AdWords Linking in the Property column, and then either create a new link group, or edit an existing group and link the appropriate accounts.

 To have views use the AdWords link, click Link Configuration in the same location and select the views in which AdWords data should be available.”


 Any ideas what might be wrong? 


Thanks Smiley Wink


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AdWords Conversions imported from Analytics are shown as not set (not assigned to the campaign)

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Google Employee

Hi Michael,


Thanks for reaching out.


(not set) is a placeholder name that Analytics uses when it hasn't received any information for the dimension you have selected. The reasons for (not set) appearing as a dimension value vary according to the report.


If (not set) appears in your AdWords reports, it means that the website or app you're tracking in the Analytics account is receiving traffic from an AdWords account that is not linked to the reporting view. You should review the following:


- Auto-tagging is on but cost data is not applied (See: Missing Data in AdWords Reports)

- There is a redirect in the URL

- The gclid parameter is altered or dropped from the ad (See: CPC Data Not Collected)

- Manually tagged URLs are missing a parameter


Occasionally, information related to a click can be lost even if auto-tagging is enabled. As a result, you may see some (not set) entries instead of keyword, ad-content, or campaign information that could not be collected.


If you are still having trouble, I recommend getting in touch with the AdWords team. They will be able to look into your account and help identify the problem.