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AdWords Click & Analytics Visits Data is WAY off for ONE campaign

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Hello all. I have a quick question. And yes Smiley Happy I did do some extensive FAQ, Forum, Help Center article, and good old Google searching before I deigned to come here and ask.....I am also very well versed in the difference between clicks and visits and I understand all the technical and user reasons that can cause them.


As I was working for a client of mine, I noticed within Analytics that the number of visits being reported for one particular campaign was very different from the number of clicks AdWords recorded for that campaign. I checked the client's AdCenter as well out of curiosity and the same thing is happening for this one, single campaign - on both platforms.


Overall, I have 6 campaigns running. Within Analytics, for 5 of the campaigns, the number of visits to clicks is pretty reasonable (within 10%). For this one campaign, though (let's call it Camp-X), the numbers are off by over 400% - so it is significantly different enough to warrant some serious head-scratching.


I checked and verified the following:

1. Auto-tagging is enabled and URL parameters are not being used in addition to this.

2. AdWords is properly linked to Analytics and cost data is being applied accurately.

3. The campaign settings for Camp-X are exactly the same as for the other 5 campaigns - in every way except name.

4. The number of invalid clicks for Camp-X are on par, percentage based wise, with all the other campaigns.

5. All campaign ads land on a valid page on the client's website and that page is not being re-directed in any way.

6. Google Analytics code is properly installed and present.

7. I checked the client's AdCenter performance and oddly enough, Camp-X is the only campaign that seems to be way off there, too.


So I am sitting here - scratching my head, as to why, for this one single campaign, the number of visits stemming from the clicks is so vastly different from the other 5 campaigns, which seem to be doing just fine.


My programmer's logic thinks that it is not  JavaScript issue, or a platform issue; for if that were the case then all campaigns would be equally affected by the overarching cause. It would make sense that there is something very specific about this campaign that is the problem, yet the campaign settings are identical to ones that are working just fine.


Does anyone have any insight, experience, or suggestions for further troubleshooting on isolating why a single campaign is misreporting in Analytics? Help and guidance is greatly appreciated - and thank you in advance.




Re: AdWords Click & Analytics Visits Data is WAY off for ONE campa

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You haven´t changed the name of campaign X ?

It´s not a AdWords for Video campaign?

Does the total (for all cpc-campaigns) number of clicks add up? 

Are numbers (of clicks) in the hundreds?