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AdWords API Access with OAuth2

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I am developing a tool that is responsible for uploading offlline conversions to the AdWords. I have generated the OAuth2 Keys as mentioned here ( but unfortuunately, when accessing the API it gives me

Failed to refresh access token.
  "error" : "invalid_grant"

and when i tried to follow this article ""

it mentioned that i need to open the Authorization Url with my MCC account, to get the Refresh Token, while i need it to be detected automatically if possible as it is an offline tool that runs hourly.

Is that possible ?



Also, kindly i would like to ask another question, how can i generate a developer token while i only have a test MCC and i don't have a production one yet, just need it for development and to make sure everything is going fine.

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Re: AdWords API Access with OAuth2

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as to invalid-grant --

normally, access-tokens expire naturally and
must be refreshed using the refresh-token.

if the application was working properly in the past, then such an invalid-grant
error may be the result of a few issues; such as, attempting to obtain multiple
developer-tokens using the same authorization-code, which may be used only once,
exceeding the refresh-token-limit, the token was manually revoked by a user, the
server's ntp/time was not-running/out-of-sync with google's servers, the token
and request have improper scopes, the associated project/user token has expired,
or simply a temporary system issue.

otherwise, token-refresh details mainly depend on the type of application --
server-side, desktop, mobile, etc., and the type of application allowed for
the type of google-account (e.g. g-suite-domain-accounts).

using one of google's client-libraries for the implementation
may help -- most oauth2 details have been fully abstracted

and verified to function properly for most use-cases.

as to test-accounts --

there is no such concept as using a test-account to sign-up for
api-access -- a live, active, production, my-client-center (mcc)
manager-account, is required for any level of api-access.

(1) developer-token:
after the live, active, production, manager-account
has signed-up for the developer-token, the assigned
token may then be used with a test-account --
to test the application prior to approval.

(2) basic-access:
then, if basic-access is requested via the product-manager-account,
using the developer-token, the account and application details will
be reviewed by google's api-policy-and-conformance-teams, for
policy related issues.

only if the basic-access application is approved, and the
token activated, will api-access be given to live-accounts.

generally, google tends to prefer a developer (token) to be associated
with a management-account that is, at least, actively serving ads --
such as, an advertising agency or partner, before beginning development.

basic-access quotas can support most users and organizations.

(3) standard-access:
if the application is part of a large organization or will be used by
many multiple users, is production-quality, is able to meet google's
minimum-functionality-requirements, and is also ready for a formal
demo, google may be contacted to request standard-access.

there is an api-forum for clarification, more authoritative answers,
and any follow-up or additional questions, or any related issues --!forum/adwords-api


AdWords API Access with OAuth2

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Thank you so much for your help and your detailed answer.

Actually what i was thinking on, is how can i have the refresh token without asking a user to log in through a browser, as i am mainly implementing a windows service that i need it some how communicate with google server-to-server  without needing the user's input.


Thank you so much once again Smiley Happy

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AdWords API Access with OAuth2

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first, you're welcome.

running such an application, without asking for some direct
authorization, at some point, is generally not allowed.

in almost all cases, some initial interaction with an authorization-screen,
presented via google, is required to grant initial access to the application --
by design; after that, the oauth2 refreshes may happen programmatically.

generally, google likes transparency with respect to what is being allowed.

only a very few use-cases, such as, all users with g-suite-domain-accounts,
administered under the same g-suite-domain, is such authorization optional --
since similar authorization is usually already held by the g-suit-administrator.

otherwise, there may be a few outlier use-cases -- depending on
the details of the application-type, users, devices, accounts, etc.

the best likely course would be to simply ask in the public api-forum.