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Ad Stats Refresh Rate

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Hello All,


Can someone tell me how often the campaign advert stats get refreshed?  My ad is approved and active, and when hovering over several keywords, it is saying the ad is being served.  However, so far I see no impressions or clicks on my stats for any keyword?  I am assuming it only updates every day or so?


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Ad Stats Refresh Rate

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Hello jonacarpio;

Reports' data are updated every 24 hours.

I read somewhere that data on the AdWords UI is updated every 3 hrs. But, in practice data is updated every hour or less;


So; if no impressions are shown, we need to try to investigate for the reasons. (E.g. Budget; dates; ad-rank; ad-status...etc..)


The basic steps: Check your ad status: hover with the mouse on the speech bubble next to the status - what message are you getting


Read more;

Check your ad's approval status

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Re: Ad Stats Refresh Rate

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Make sure the report is set to Today. Some Google products default to showing you everything up until yesterday when you look at a new report.