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So, I know in theory how the adwords keyword status's are shown, but I am scratching my head a bit...


I have a campaign running - highlly tailored landing page with ALL the main keywords used in the copy, seo keywords same...the keywords are my HIGHEST daily searched and clicked...bids are way above the min average bid...


and yet they all show as "poor quality score, and not shown often"



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Hi there,


Most advertisers don't realise this, but Quality Score is relative to other advertisers bidding on the same keywords and/or same niche.


So if you are getting a 10% CTR on a keyword, but your competitor is getting a 20% CTR (same ad position, device etc), then you will be given Poor, even though 10% is really good.


So look at your competitors ads and landing page and look for how they could be better than yours.


And of course if the campaign is new it can take a while for the QS to be worked out...