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Ad Rank Calculation

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As you know ad rank = QS x Max CPC

What would happen in the following assuming both advertisers are targeting the same keyword [Blue Widget];

Advertiser 1)
Max CPC: £4.75
QS: 10/10
Est First page bid: £2.25
Est Top page bid: £4.75

Advertiser 1 would have an ad rank calculation of 10 x £4.50 = 47.5 Points

Advertiser 2)
Max CPC: £6
QS: 10/10
Est First page bid: £5.25
Est Top page bid: £8.75

Advertiser 2 would have an ad rank calculation of 10 x £6.00 = 60 Points

As you can see Advertiser 2 would have a better ad rank calculation than advertiser 1. Isn’t this penalising advertiser 1 for having a lower est first page and top page bid?

There would be no reason for advertiser 1 to set a higher Max CPC of £4.75 as the Adwords system has rewarded him with a lower first and top page bid.

How does the ad rank calculation system take into effect advertisers who have a lower first page bid and top page bid when calculating an Ad Ranking Score?

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Re: Ad Rank Calculation

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To answer your question: It does not.
Also, adrank is no longer calculated by Max CPC and QS alone.
I'd have a read of this:

Let me know if you have any questions.

Re: Ad Rank Calculation

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Just adding more point hereSmiley Happy

First how do you know your competitors Quality Score and Max Cpc.

As Dave_ Davis already explained how ad rank calculates. But I would also suggests there are others factor that determine estimated Top page bid:-
Quality score at the time of actual results appear on SERP
Budget of your campaigns
Campaigns setting, Structure and history.
your landing page experience.
Search tearm relevancy with your keywords.

Estimated Top page bid is only estimates that do not keep 100% top position of your ads in spite of being 10/10 QS of your keywords.
--Rakesh Kumar, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile
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