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Ad / Content Blockers blocking URLs containing ValueTrack / googleadservices

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I’m having an issue with content blockers, and am trying to understand the implications and best way to respond.


I use both ValueTrack and custom parameters.


When I recently tested a page on iPhone, with Crystal Content Blocker installed, it blocked the page when certain ValueTrack parameters were used.


I assume that some of the ValueTrack parameters may be causing this to trigger, as it otherwise loads properly. A relatively simple workaround for this would seem to be to replace these with alternative parameter names which still pass the same values.


But – this may not help:


Frequently when I click on an ad, it loads the page, showing the expected domain for the site which I’m visiting.


But when I’ve tested it by searching on one of my keywords, I was surprised to find that it used the “” referrer, and this URL contained *none* of the ValueTrack parameters in question.

But the page was still blocked by the content blocker.


So as none of the parameters appear to be contained in the URL, the content blocker appeared to be blocking something in that URL.


The URL began “”


And contained only these parameters:












… ending with “adurl=”


When I tried modifiying “adurl” to remove the “ad”, the content blocker no longer blocked the URL, but instead brought up a redirect notice to the landing page (including all of the parameters, which were not shown in the googleadservices URL).


Perhaps the content blocker is filtering the URL based on the parameters (but not the domain) containing “ad”?


Here’s what I’m wondering:


1) Is something in the googleadservices URL triggering the content blocker? 


2) And if so, how often does Google use this referrer, rather than displaying the landing page URL?


If something in the googleadservices URL is triggering the content blocker, then this would seem to be out of my control.


But if it’s just certain ValueTrack parameters that are is triggering the content blocker, then I can work around that (albeit impacting a large number of keywords).


3) Is it known which ValueTrack parameters commonly trigger content / ad blockers to block pages?


To clarify:


– I was able to see, and click on my ad (to test the URL).


– The URL loaded was the googleadservices URL, which contained none of the parameters in question, yet the page was still blocked. The page did not redirect.


– When I directly enter the URL, using the ValueTrack parameters, the content blocker also blocks the page, when using *some* parameters.


Any insights or thoughts on this at all will be much appreciated.


Many thanks


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Ad / Content Blockers blocking URLs containing ValueTrack / googleadservices

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Hi Richard,

When a user clicks on an ad, the browser first goes to googleadservices to record the click. After that the browser is redirected to your site using the tracking template you have setup.

I can't tell you anything about Crystal Content Blocker.

Best of Luck!




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