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Account is currently in USD and now feeding into...

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Account is currently in USD and now feeding into an Analytics account with Euro as the display currency (revenue is in Euro, media spend in USD). If I use the currency exchange feature in GA, will the revenue be historically exchanged? 

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September 2015

Re: Account is currently in USD and now feeding into...

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Welcome to the adwords forum.

As this question has been unanswered for a few days, I suggest you ask the question in the Google Analytics Help Forum here:!forum/analytics

They have more expertise on these GA questions as this forum is for Adwords questions and that is our expertise.

Hope you find your answer. As a laymen of GA, I think 'historically your data stays the same and only from the point of the change will the new data be effected".. but they would know better in the other forum.



From the developer link you gave it states


Changes to the global currency type of a view (profile) will affect future ecommerce data and will not be applied to data retroactively.