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Account Summary Report Script for only cost

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I am running the Account Performance Summary report script that is found here

I just need the cost metrics in the spreadsheet and the email. I tried removing the other fields but the email is not coming through. 


How can I change it so the email only sends the cost in the format here.



Re: Account Summary Report Script for only cost

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DID you run a preview? Where there runtime errors?

Did you make sure you:
Setup a spreadsheet-based script with the source code below. Use Account Summary Report template spreadsheet
Create a new script with the source code below.
Don't forget to update SPREADSHEET_URL in code.
Schedule the script ? Daily 5pm was the example given

Did you go to the URL of the spreadsheet created? to see the data?
Did the script RUN on schedule?
Did you manually Run the script?

Did you check spam filters for your email? Trash?

Have you tied running the script as is, without making those edits, and just ignore the data?

When you edit or strip code, a single space or removal of a , : etc can break the script. I suggest you run the script as is to see results, then you can attempt to customize it if needed.

Check all those issues and let us know what is actually happening when you run the script.

Re: Account Summary Report Script for only cost

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Thanks for your message. The report is working fine now but I need it to send it to multiple email ids (3) and not one. How do I do that?