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A question of analytics

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Forgive me if this has been asked but I'm in a bit of a pickle.


I am running an Adwords campaign for a my friends Fathers business. He already has someone who manages the website, hosting and has direct access to his analytics. He has allowed me permission to see the analytics in my own analytics account. The issue is the Adwords and Analytics accounts are not linked so all I can see in analytics is the amount of visits it gets.


So my question is, do I need to get the chap that controls the site and the analytics to link the Fathers adword account with his analytics or do I need to give the chap that controls the site the UA code from the Fathers currently dormant analytics account so he can add the code to the website and I can then link the adword account with it's own currently dormant analytics account?


I hope that makes some sense.

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Re: A question of analytics

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Hey Richard,


To link an AdWords and Analytics account, you need to have Edit level permission of the Analytics and Administrative level access in AdWords. For a detailed information, step by step kindly refer here.



Shafi Ahamed

Re: A question of analytics

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Many thanks, I don't think I've explained myself properly.

Person A controls my clients site and has the username and password for my clients analytics. He has enabled something so I have access to this analytics data in MY analytics account at

So I don't login in to his analytics, I log in to mine as person A who controls the site has set this up.

He has now got back to me and said my "admin rights for the Analytics property UA-xxxxxxxx have now been upgraded to 'Edit' so you should be able to link the two together via your Adwords account."

I can't though. If I go to my analytics and go to his hotel analytics I can only link with my adwords account, not the customers. If I go to the customers adwords and then click tools and analytics, that doesn't show any data. It's not set up. Person A has set up analytics that he controls I think through his MCC.

Person A has set up his own separate analytics and given me permission to view this in MY analytics account but I can't link that with the customers adwords account.

Isn't this something person A who controls the analytics needs to do?

Re: A question of analytics

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Hi @Richard v @Shafi Ahamed was correct in his description, to link AdWords and Analytics you need full Admin rights for AdWords and edit rights for Analytics.  If you're unable to link the two, one of these two conditions is not being met.


What level of access do you have to the client's AdWords Account?  If it's managed under your MCC, that side is fine.  If it's not, it could be the access level for AdWords.

That you are accessing your "own" Analytics is not necessarily a problem, this is typical for client managers.  Again, if you're sure the AdWords side has sufficient permissions, then it will be at the Analytics side.


These problems, in my experience, are almost always down to access levels and the email Accounts being used.



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Re: A question of analytics

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Thanks Jon,

The adword account was running before I came along and I'm using the clients login details when it was set up and that has Administrative access which I believe are the full admin rights.

The guy who has the analytics logins and control of it which I can see in my analytics says I have edit rights.

I still have a feeling I'm not explaining this properly.

I have an analytics account, I can see the clients analytics in there. My login is This isn't an MCC, it's my personal analytics with all my sites on it. Person A who has the separate analytics has allowed me to see those analytics in MY account.

The client has his adwords account and his login is The analytics you can access in the tools-analytics part of adwords is NOT being used.

The person A who has control of the site and analytics logs in to his MCC account under a totally different email.

I'm at a loss to understand why my personal analytics account would know to link to someone else adwords account.

Surely if when I go to the clients adwords account and go to the currently not being used analytics and give person A who controls the site that UA number to install so that analytics already on the adwords account can be activated then linked?

Right now I'm trying to link one persons adwords account with another persons analytics, for the same site.

So sorry for the confusion but I'm rather lost here.


Re: A question of analytics

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Hi Richard,

As I understand, the guy who has the Analytics control has given access to your personal gmail account ( That is why you can see the analytics information. 


Actually he should give access to your clients account( NOT to your personal account.  Hence try to get access to your client account or if you have full access, then try to grant access to your client account. 


What your trying to do it not wrong, but you can still do Adwords campaigns by using  manual tagging. If you don't have a lot of campaigns ruining, you can still use this method. We normally use this for Email Campaigns and Bing Ads.  


Refer this article for more info:




Re: A question of analytics

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Thank you Ishara,

That makes much more sense to me.

Many apologies to you and Jon etc for not explaining my self properly. It's one of those things that I could explain much easier sitting in front of someone rather than in written form.

Many thanks to you all again.


Re: A question of analytics

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No Worries.... We are keen to share our knowledge as we can.

Good Luck .