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500 Clicks are enough to make 50 sales on my store!

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I am new to adwords i require a little help of old adwords users can you share some information about conversions for examples if my online store is offering a product on average $80 and i get 500 clicks or visits to my store via adwords what will be the action or conversion rate according to this statistics?


I know it is hard to analyze like this but i just need your experience to be shared who are already using adowrds for selling online i will be thankfull for any advice and information by anyone.

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Re: 500 Clicks are enough to make 50 sales on my store!

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Hello and welcome,


As per the heading of your post, you are looking to generate a conversion rate of 10% (50 sales in 500 clicks) from your Adwords campaigns, which is awesome I believe Smiley Happy


I would say that first and foremost thing to look here would be the buying cycle and how many traffic sources actually contribute towards a sale/purchase. 


Second thing to look for is the line of business you are into and whether the website is competitive enough to generate good  number of sales online.


Another important aspect is how actually have you structured your Adwords account in terms of keyword match types, grouping, text ads, Display Network advertising, Video Campaigns etc...


Without actually knowing the account specific insights, I can only say that you are aiming a quite high conversion rate, which you might achieve but you will have to really make sure about the factors I wrote above should be intact.


Just few of my thoughts!


Re: 500 Clicks are enough to make 50 sales on my store!

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Hi canyouplease, I can safely say that I'm probably one of the oldest Adwords TCs, if not the most experienced!!


Pankaj is dead right in saying it's hard to give estimates.  I'd go as far as to say it's impossible.  You can't even reliably compare two online companies selling the same product because there are so many factors that affect online sales.  Think of a high street store and all the factors that go into the buying process there, then double it and you'll be close to the number of factors for an online store.


I would (as I always do) say that your first consideration should really be your own website.  Is it as good as it can be, are customers finding it easy to buy?  You can use your existing organic, direct and referral traffic as a guide to the conversion rate you might see through Adwords.  Pankaj is right again that 10% conversion rate is very good - most companies don't get much above 2% so you'll need to work on some more realistic figures in your planning.  Adwords will - if well managed - usually return a much better rate than any other type of visit, but it's not guaranteed.


In many cases, the only way to get a good idea of how well Adwords might work for you is to try a limited budget, limited time experiment but you must make sure everything else is absolutely right before you do this.  Far too many people try Adwords and then blame Adwords itself for a failure to produce the required sales when in fact the problem lies in their own website and/or buying processes.


Have a quick look at this recent article I wrote on the subject and please do come back to us with more questions!





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