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50% adwords Visits not Appearing in LOG Analysis

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Hi There,


I am reviewing log analysis of my website and found 50% off Adwords referals are missing from web log analysis.Below are the  numebers


1) I have 5200 clicks to one of site in last 30days from Adwords

2) I have seen only 2700 Refered via Google Adwrods in Log Analysis(all my campaigns are running only under search network not display and not search partners)


Now i am in big confusion about this numbers as i am paying bunch of amount to Google


1) Does Google Cheating me by showing and charging for more clicks than actual

2) If not, why my logs not tracking all my adwords clicks and where adwords visits are going


we have checked multiple times with server to figure out any issue's about capturing logs, but we found no errors from logs side.


Many thanks,








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Re: 50% adwords Visits not Appearing in LOG Analysis

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Hello Veeru;

The following article by Google explains the discrepancies

Differences between AdWords and third-party data

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Re: 50% adwords Visits not Appearing in LOG Analysis

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Apart from what's in that article, if you're looking at server log files, your landing page may be cached either by the browser or by a proxy. In that case a subsequent click on the same ad (click to website, click back, click on another website, back and then again on your site, for instance) will not be recorded by the server log, because the page will be served from the browser cache or the proxy cache.


If, however, you add a valuetrack parameter ( {random}, and configure your server to log query parameters as well, and your application to always serve no-cache headers, your log clicks should be closer to the AdWords clicks. You don't necessarily need the valuetrack parameter, but it would be nicer to see distinct URLs instead of the same URL.


In order to perform these checks though you need a programmer by your side, they cannot be done by someone without any web programming knowledge.

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Re: 50% adwords Visits not Appearing in LOG Analysis

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Hi Veeru,


You have some fine answers here. I have just one suggestion and a question.


How are you identifying AdWords clicks in your web logs? If you're looking at referrer data, you will miss a good deal of the clicks in that not all will have a Google referrer, and some will have no r eferrer at all. The most effective method of identifying AdWords clicks is to look for a gclid value in the query string if you have auto tagging turned on. If you're using manual tagging, look for those manual tags in the query string.


Best of Luck!




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Re: 50% adwords Visits not Appearing in LOG Analysis

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Hi Every once,



Thanks for your replies, i think i found some useful replies here.i will discuss with my programmer and show all the links given by u guys and try to find the solution.





Thanks again every one