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404 sitelink extensions

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Have set up a replacement website for a client and have quite a few redirected pages which all seem to work ok.

However the client was using a company to manage his Adwords campaign which I am not very experienced with. 


Checking the Adwords links in Google delivers several 404 errors on the sitelink extensions which are shown beneath the main URL.


The client has asked me to fix these issues, as he is no longer using the company that set them up.


If I log in and edit each advert and change the 'final url' to the correct (non-redirected) page will this muck up the tracking code, it also looks like any edited adverts also have to be resubmitted.


My knowledge of Adwords is very limited and there are quite a few ads that seem to need updating due to the Adword URL's not redirecting correctly.


Re: 404 sitelink extensions

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Sitelinks which is request to be edited are controlled as an Ad Extension.

Click on the main menu under AD EXTENSIONS
then the secondary menu VIEW.... with a drop down box and navigate to site links

Then edit the pencil int he group you see- will pop up all site extensions in that group.

site link.JPG



Full Google Steps here:


Editing sitelinks
To edit campaign-level or ad group-level sitelinks:
  1. Choose the campaign or ad group that has the sitelink you'd like to edit.
  2. Click the Ad extensions tab.
  3. Choose View: Sitelink Extension from the drop-down menu.
  4. From the Sitelink extension settings section, click Edit.
  5. You'll see all the sitelinks in this campaign or ad group. Scroll to the campaign-level or ad group-level sitelinks to find the sitelink you want to edit. Click the arrow on the right to select.
  6. On the sitelink you selected, click the down arrow that appears next to the pencil icon and choose Edit.
  7. Make the changes to the sitelink you selected.
    • The Description field is optional. When you fill out both lines of description, your sitelink may be eligible to show with these details. Learn more in the Sitelinks with additional detail section below.
  8. After you're done editing, click Save.
  9. The sitelink will be edited for any ad groups and campaigns that share the sitelink.
  • Keep link text short. This increases the amount of links that can show and gives AdWords more sitelinks to choose from.
  • Look at your website's navigation bars for easy sitelink ideas.
  • The order of your sitelinks and how they perform factor into how frequently a sitelink is chosen to show in an ad.

Re: 404 sitelink extensions

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Thanks for the very helpful info.

Having checked a few of the other adverts that are set up (up to 4 ads per url) I have noticed that a few of the others are not redirecting correctly.

Am I right in thinking that Adwords cannot redirect a pre-exisiting link to a new page which has been redirected?

Will it be best to go through the problem ads and just manually update the "Final url' for each one, and then resubmit?

Thanks again for your help

Re: 404 sitelink extensions

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not sure what you mean, but.

With sitelinks and any ad extensions it is best to have the straight to URL without any redirects.

Google does follow redirects, but if the redirect is two hops then you might have an issue and best to go straight to the source using the final destination url, or from the server side, remove the redundant step.

LP 1 is set as destination
LP1 has a 301 to LP2
LP2 has a 301 to LP3

best to either Change the destination to LP3 or make the LP1 301 directly to LP 3. Cutting our the LP 2 step overall.

Hopefully that is not two confusing.
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Re: 404 sitelink extensions

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Ewen C wrote:

Will it be best to go through the problem ads and just manually update the "Final url' for each one, and then resubmit?



Recently the system updated and all url's should have been automatically migrated to the final URL.  If you need to change a Landing page destination because the 301 is not working then YES, it is best to make those corrections.


This is what I would do.  Pause the Problem ad in question so you maintain that history as a record.  Create a new copy of that Ad with the proper URL and mark it as Final destination.

Re: 404 sitelink extensions

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Thanks very much, you've been a great help.