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2 Conversion Tracking Codes on One Landing Page

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Hi There, 


My client's thank you page has 2 conversion codes (one coming from the UK campaign and another one from the IRL campaign). The landing page does not change (only the URL). 


We can see conversions coming in Google Analytics, but the Conversion tab in Google Adwords still says "unverified". 


Do you know what could be wrong? Could two conversion codes on the page be the problem?


Thank you


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2 Conversion Tracking Codes on One Landing Page

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Yep; it could .

Let me ping a programing specialist on that.


Moshe, AdWords Top Contributor , Twitter | Linkedin | Community Profile | Ad-Globe
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2 Conversion Tracking Codes on One Landing Page

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ok, thank you so much!

2 Conversion Tracking Codes on One Landing Page

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Hi @Klara V


If there are two AdWords conversion pixels on the same Success page, both the pixels will record conversions. If they are from the same account, you will have duplicate conversions, and if they are from different accounts, there should not be a problem. 


However, I would suggest having different Success pages if possible. 


About AdWords not recording conversions, there can only be two things - implementation issues, or no real conversion yet. 


Now as you said Analytics is recording conversions, I would be interested to know as to how you have setup goals in Analytics? Tracking the success page URL? Or an event based goal?


Look into your analytics to verify if those conversions were actually recorded from AdWords traffic? And if the 'success' page was accessed directly when Analytics recorded conversions?


Also, use Tag Assistant Extension for Google Chrome to check your AdWords Conversion Pixel implementations. 



Ratan Jha
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2 Conversion Tracking Codes on One Landing Page

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Hi Ratan Jha, 


Thank you for looking into this for me. I really appreciate your time and effort. 


To answer your questions:


- conversions are coming from different Google Adwords accounts

- different pages for each account - I agree, that would be the best solution. 

- the conversion status says that is was not verified (if they are no conversions the status is different, I think it says no conversions tracked), so I think the issue is in the implementation

- The success URL is based on the success page URL - event based. 

- I checked Google Analytics again, the conversions from the Irish Google Adwords account are there 

- They are using GTM so I see only GTM, GA and remarketing on the site. 


Any other suggestions, please? Smiley Happy 


Thank you,