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1 Adwords account, 3 google analytics code on website

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We have linked our Adwords account to google analytics, for some reason the data isnt showing. So we have determined that the website has 3 google analytics code installed. What is the best practice for this?


Thank you.



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Re: 1 Adwords account, 3 google analytics code on website

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Hi Razel,

You can have multiple profiles for a single site in Google Analytics. Does the Analytics account show multiple profiles?

Multiple profiles might split a large website into sections to make it easier to analyze and manage, or to split responsibilities between staff.

The profile that includes the pages you are tracking must be enabled to share data and linked to the AdWords account.

So, first look at your analytics account and see what's going on. And look at the GA code on your pages. Do the all have the same account number? All the numbers and letters before the hyphen should be the same if they are all from the same GA account.

Best of Luck!

petebardo -- Deadhead doing AdWords

Re: 1 Adwords account, 3 google analytics code on website

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Hi Razel,

Every page of your website should have only ONE and same Google analytics tracking code. Presence of multiple GA codes may cause inflated visits and will skew up the numbers.

I recommend that you check the following -

- Are you using the asynchronous version of GA code? (recommended as it provides optimum tracking)

- If yes then is your GA code placed in <head> section of ALL pages?

- There should be only one GA code on all pages

- The unique account no. UA-XXXXX-Y on all pages should be same so that the nos. are reported in the same profile

- Check if the GA code is being executed when the page loads

Hope this helps.