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[US/CA & UK Based Advertisers] Start today and save $75 with AdWords Express

Calling all business owners in the United States, Canada and the UK! Here is your chance to redeem a promotional code to receive an additional $75 of AdWords Express credit once you have spent $25*. Enter your promotional code and after spending $25 within 31 days, you'll receive $75 credit in your AdWords Express account. 


Tip! See if you’re eligible for a coupon to help you get started:


Then: Check your email* to redeem your unique promotional code, and sign up for an AdWords Express account, and create your first ad. Enter your unique code along with your billing information.

Finally: Return to the AdWords Express Community for ongoing support with your AdWords Express account.


*Please ensure you read the Terms and Conditions in the email you receive with your promotional code for all details.

*Promotional campaign currently available for US+CA+UK customers only.