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3 Ways to Get More from AdWords Express Right Now

In 2011, with 13 years of interior design and window covering work under her belt, Sandra Anderson set off on her own to start Anderson Custom Window Coverings, Inc. She offered high quality support at a lower cost than many competitors, and was driven to get things right on the first try. But when she opened her business, she found it difficult to bring customers through the door with traditional methods like flyers and a listing in the phone book. That’s when Sandra decided to try Google advertising.

Today, Sandra says 80% of her new customers come from Google ads, and she relies on AdWords Express, our smart advertising tool, to manage campaigns for her so she can focus on running her business. For small businesses without a professional marketer on staff, AdWords Express can lighten the load – and over the last year, the number of businesses using AdWords Express has nearly doubled, with more signing up every day.

We’re thrilled to see business owners finding success with AdWords Express, and are determined to make it a one-stop shop for helping to grow your business. To reach this goal, we’re introducing 3 new features to help you reach a larger audience and understand exactly how your ad is impacting your business.

  1. Ad Scheduling – Choose to run your ad at specific times
    Nearly one third of searches for local businesses in the US come from consumers who want to make a purchase immediately.1 Ad scheduling is a simple way to make sure your ad only runs at times you choose, (during your hours of operation, for example), so you reach your customers at exactly the right time.
    You can choose custom hours or link to your Google My Business account to automatically run your ad only during your business hours.
  2. Map Actions – Understand how your ads drive people to your store
    Map Actions shows you how many customers who’ve viewed your ad go on to view your business on Google Maps – which can be vital, since over 1/3 of visitors in the US use online maps to find local businesses.2 If you care about whether your ads drive people to your storefront, Map Actions might just be your favorite new tool.
    Map actions shows how many customers interacted with your
    Google Maps listing after viewing your ad. 
  3. Verified Calls – Get better call tracking
    Right now we’re piloting a new way for advertisers to track which phone calls they receive come from customers who clicked “Call now” on an ad on their mobile phones. Advertisers who opt into Verified Calls will also see detailed information about incoming calls, including the area codes and call duration. We’ve already rolled this out to many AdWords Express advertisers, and hope to expand it to all users soon.
    New insights into verified calls allow you to see time, duration, and location of each call along with overall trends in call volumes.

If you’re already advertising on AdWords Express, start understanding more about your performance with these new features today. Or, if you’re just getting started, visitgoogle.com/adwords/express, or check out our help center to learn more.

Hazik S
October 2016

Can you plz tell me if i promote my videos on youtube,google is not going to block my adsense account?

couple of years ago when i promote videos google take action and block adsense.

Jerry S
December 2016 - last edited October

Such a poor experience. Waste of money. Really

Philip I
March 2017

Is the Ad Scheduling avalible in the UK?

James_Clemens Top Contributor
March 2017 - last edited March 2017

Hi Philip,


Yes, it should. Please take a look at this information.


Kind Regards,



Mac M

how do you get on map


Marketing Bali T

I have a problem as I don't get any map actions. What yould be the problem?

James_Clemens Top Contributor

Hi @Marketing Bali T,


You made two posts asking about the same issue... and in the other post you said you were using the normal AdWords. Now, you are making a post in an article about AdWords Express. If you do not use AdWords Express, asking for information about AdWords Express will not help you. These are two very different products. 


Please continue your request for help in your orginal help inquiry which is now located in the AdWords help community. 




Kind Regards,



Mac M
have not ask for help
Gary G

My wife and I provide in-home child care about 30 minutes from a medium-sized city. No one will bring their children from that city, but people might come from smaller towns quite far away in the other direction. We really need a way to customize "where to show your ad". A 10 mile radius is too large but still misses some desirable locations; a 5 mile radius is too small; and if I switch to "specific cities" most of the towns in the area aren't even mentioned.


I think Google may need to better understand life in rural areas. Being able to do any of the following would help greatly:


+ specify an 8 mile radius, or

+ specify the center of the circle to be slightly different from our physical location, or

+ being able to draw a polygon, or

+ being able to add smaller population centers than currently appear under "specific cities".


So far I have not found any help in this regard.



Gary G



 Yao M

November 1/2017


Could you tell me how I can make my ad to appear only on Desk top and Tablets