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Organic Garden Maintenance Business in Canada - Share Tips for Success

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Today we're featuring our recommendations for @Jen K, who runs an organic garden maintenance business, can be found at and would like to focus on driving traffic to their site.

Want to share your own helpful insights with @Jen K? We invite you join the conversation in the comments below.


@Jen K , thanks for reaching out to learn about how to improve your AdWords campaigns. Based on the information you shared, we understand that you run an organic and silent gardening business. Some things that really set you apart from your competitors are that you are organic, silent, quiet, you don't use noisy gas power tools - it's all human powered. You only use organic fertilizers and adopt an ecological and permaculture design. The key goal that you would like to achieve through your Adwords campaigns is attracting more quality traffic.


We reviewed your account and recommend that you focus on increasing your CTR (clickthrough rate), Clicks and Quality Score. Here’s a bit more about each metric, along with specific actions you can take to help improve your campaign performance.



  • Themed Ad Groups: Organize your campaign into tightly themed ad groups: Ad groups are where you write your ads and choose keywords that can trigger those ads to show when someone's search contains your keywords. Every campaign needs at least 1 ad group, and every ad group needs at least 1 ad, but we recommend a minimum of 2 ad groups with at least 2 ads in each.
  • Implement Keywords in Ad Text: Include your keywords in your ad text: Using your keywords in your ad text helps catch the attention of people who searched for those words, and shows that your ad is relevant to what they want. For example, if you've included digital cameras as a keyword, your ad headline could be "Buy Digital Cameras."
  • Mobile Bid Adjustment: Adjust your bid for mobile: A mobile bid adjustment allows you to raise or lower your bid for searches that occur on mobile devices. If clicks from mobile devices are worth more to you, try setting a mobile bid adjustment to show your ads more frequently in those situations.
  • Keywords - Match Types: Fine-tune your keywords: With keyword matching options, you can control how closely a keyword needs to match a person's search term in order to trigger your ad. For example, you can use broad match to show your ad to a wider audience, or exact match to hone in on specific groups of customers.
  • Pause Keywords with low CTR: Pause keywords with low clickthrough rate (CTR): You'll want to invest in high-performing keywords that are generating clicks. To help free up budget and visibility for more successful keywords, you'll want to consider pausing keywords with low CTRs.


  • Adjust your bid by location: A location bid adjustment allows you to raise or lower your bid for searches that occur in specific geographic areas. If clicks from certain places are worth more to you, try setting a location bid adjustment to show your ads more frequently there.
  • Target Search Page Location (if targeting a wide area): Bid for better visibility: The automated bid strategy “Target search page location” sets your bids to help increase the chances that your ads appear at the top of the page or on the first page of search results.
  • Keywords - Negative Keywords: Filter out irrelevant keywords: You can use [negative keywords] to filter out terms that aren't relevant to your business. Negative keywords prevent Google from showing your ad to anyone searching for that phrase.
  • Target more locations: Target more locations: To reach a wider audience, try to expand the geographical area where you want your ads to show. For each ad campaign, you can target locations such as entire countries, areas within a country like cities or territories, or even a radius around a location.

Quality Score 

  • Relevant Ad Extensions: Enhance your ad with extensions: Ad extensions show extra information about your business in your ads, such as a phone number or links to specific pages on your website. This helps your ad stand out and gives customers more reasons to click.
  • Ad strategy - mobile specific adsTailor your ads for mobile searches: Consider creating ads that specifically devoted to people on mobile devices. You can use the mobile version of your website as a landing page and offer specials suited to a mobile audience.



We hope these tips will help you succeed with AdWords. Feel free to share additional information such as your website, and the copy of your ads if you wish. If you have any further questions, just reply to this post and our community of Experts will be happy to assist.

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Re: Organic Garden Maintenance Business in Canada - Share Tips for Success

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Hi @Jen K


In addition to what already advised, here are a few of my suggestions -


  • Make your phone number proactively visible on all website pages
  • Ask your web developer to setup "Click to Call" link on it.

Above two tweaks will make it easier and faster for your potential customers to contact you. Technically, it will decrease the length of path to conversion. 


  • Test waters in some of the target areas with a "Call Only Campaign'. People can call you right from your ad. 
  • Don't forget to add call extension, callout extension, rich snippet, and sitelink extension
  • Track Conversions with AdWords
  • Setup Goals with Google Analytics

All the best!


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