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[Case Study] Motorbike Tours in India

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Today we're featuring our recommendations for @Anand S , who runs a motorbike touring company in India and wants to focus on increasing traffic to his website. Anand S’s company organises motorbike tours throughout India, and has recently begun focusing on a new tour from Manali to Leh. These are budget package tours aimed at youths and students and offer great service throughout the tour.

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@Anand S, thanks for reaching out to learn about how to improve your AdWords campaign. Based on the information you shared, we understand that your business,, is a motorbiking company that operates seasonally and that you want to increase traffic to your website.


We reviewed your account and recommend that you focus on increasing your clicks and Quality Score. Here’s a bit more about each metric, along with specific actions you can take to help improve your campaign performance.



  • Review your budget: AdWords shows recommended budgets for campaigns that repeatedly meet their daily budget but have the potential to earn more clicks and impressions. Learn how to find your recommended daily budget.
  • Adjust your bid for mobile: A mobile bid adjustment allows you to raise or lower your bid for searches that occur on mobile devices. If clicks from mobile devices are worth more to you, you can set a mobile bid adjustment to show your ads more frequently in those situations.

Quality Score

  • Organize your campaign into tightly themed ad groups: Ad groups are where you write your ads and choose keywords that can trigger those ads to show when someone's search contains your keywords. Every campaign needs at least 1 ad group, and every ad group needs at least 1 ad, but we recommend a minimum of 2 ad groups with at least 2 ads in each. 
  • Try different ad variations: We recommend creating 2-4 different variations of your ad within each ad group so you can see which messaging performs better. AdWords rotates ads automatically to show the best-performing ads more often. Read more here.


We hope these tips will help you succeed with AdWords. Feel free to share additional information such as your website, and the copy of your ads if you wish. If you have any further questions, just reply to this post and our community of Googlers and Experts will be happy to assist.


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Re: [Case Study] Motorbike Tours in India

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Good suggestions!

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