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Remarket to your YouTube video viewers on Google.com

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Now, more than ever, brands can connect with their customers through videos on YouTube. In fact, in an average day, YouTube reaches more 18+ viewers than any TV network. Reaching your YouTube viewers and telling them a single, seamless story across all the Google properties they use is critical in moving them along their path to purchase. To help you reach more people who already have an interest in your brand, *you can now use YouTube video views and channel interactions to power remarketing lists in your search campaigns.*

With YouTube remarketing lists, you can remarket to people who have previously interacted with your YouTube channel. Now, you can use these audiences with remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). For example, if you’re a pet food brand with a user following on YouTube, you can now stay on the journey with your customers when they search for “best puppy food” on Google.com. Because you know their intent and interests, you can build a relevant search ad experience.







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Remarket to your YouTube video viewers on Google.com

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Awesome! By adding that, have become easy and target oriented. thanks a lot @CassieH



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