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Do you need to upgrade your URLs by July 1st?

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Hi AdWords Community!


As you might know, on July 1st all advertisers will need to start using Upgraded URLs in place of destination URLs.


Starting on July 1st, please prepare for the following changes:

  1. Destination URLs can no longer be edited or created. Any new URLs will need to be created using the new Upgraded URL fields.
  2. Destination URLs will be automatically moved to the new final URL field for any ad groups in your account that do not contain cross-domain redirect URLs.2 In your AdWords account, you will receive an alert informing you of any remaining ad groups that were not upgraded.
  3. Any ads with destination URLs that have not been updated to Upgraded URLs will stop serving in a few months. We’ll let you know 30 days before your ads stop serving by email and with an alert in your account.


What do you need to do?

First, review your URLs to see if your URLs will be automatically upgraded, or if you need to take proactive action.


If your URLs do not use any tracking, or use auto-tagging than our system will automatically move your destination URLs into the new final URL fields, and your reporting columns will update to reflect these changes. During the auto-upgrade, your ad performance statistics will not be reset, and your ads will not be required to go through policy review.


If your URLs use any of the following, you’ll need to manually upgrade these before July 1st:

  • Cross-domain redirects
  • The “{copy}” ValueTrack parameter,
  • Tracking parameters using “{}” that are not an AdWords ValueTrack parameter, or
  • A domain different from the one used in your ad’s display URL.


Still not sure what you need to do?

Use this tool that will take you step by step through the upgrade process, and help you understand what you need to do.


Screen Shot 2015-06-28 at 13.28.21.png


*Remember, you’ll still need to apply these changes in your AdWords Account!

If you’ve identified that you need to manually upgrade your URLs, we’re here to help. You can either do it yourself, using the upgrade guide, or contact your local AdWords team who can walk you through the process.

Want more information? Check out our Hangout on Air!





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Re: Do you need to upgrade your URLs by July 1st?

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That upgrade checker is nice and handy.
That AWE implementation of upgraded URLs is a little clunky so we're waiting for the automatic upgrade. The tool shows us that this isn't a problem. Appreciate the great info.

Re: Do you need to upgrade your URLs by July 1st?

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Hi Kathleen,

Thanks for updating this info. I have upgraded my all destination URL to Final URL with Tracking Template through AdWords Editor in my all the account without losing data.

Anand Kumar

Re: Do you need to upgrade your URLs by July 1st?

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Its wonderful , thanks for the information
Jayakumar K

Do you need to upgrade your URLs by July 1st?

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Thanks for the info.

Do you need to upgrade your URLs by July 1st?

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Hi, Thanks for the update.

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