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Call reporting arrives in India and South Africa

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Many consumers need to call a business to ask questions and get more information before making a purchase decision. Click-to-call ads make it easier than ever to have these conversations. In fact, mobile search engines are predicted to drive nearly 60 billion calls to businesses globally in 2020, an 82% increase from 2016. To help you get the most out of your call campaigns, call reporting is now available in India and South Africa to give you deeper insight into your calls performance at no additional cost.


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Measuring performance from your call extensions and call-only campaigns is essential for making informed decisions about your campaign spend and optimizations. When you set up call reporting, AdWords uses trackable phone numbers with your ads to provide you with useful insights such as the caller’s area code, call duration, and whether the call was answered. Where available, we’ll also show a local phone number that shares the same area code or prefix number as your business number to make it more recognizable and relevant for local searchers.


With new call reporting, you can also implement call conversion tracking to measure which phone calls from your ads or website lead to valuable conversions for your business. Integrate call conversion data with AdWords Smart Bidding to automatically optimize your keyword bids and drive more valuable calls. Smart Bidding strategies optimize your bids for each and every auction and register the wide range of signals that make up a user’s context.


Advertisers like Furlenco are already using call reporting to improve the performance of their call ads. Says Ajith Mohan Karimpana, CEO, “Furlenco is creating a brand new category of rental furniture in India. We want to change the way Indian consumers think of furniture and enable renting furniture as a way of life in the fastest possible way. Call extensions are a great feature because when consumers contact us, our sales representatives can help them better understand our business and convert them into paying customers. Using call reporting in AdWords, we can now get detailed metrics into how well these ads are performing. With these new measurement tools, we’ve found that click-to-call ads have a phenomenal 67% conversion rate, and a 15-20% lower cost-per-acquisition compared to other channels.”

With the launch of call reporting, you can now access more detailed insights about your calls performance and identify which ones are resulting in valuable conversions at no additional cost. Learn more in the AdWords Help Center and read our best practices for maximizing performance with calls.

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Call reporting arrives in India and South Africa

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