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why there is no impressions in campains even if the set up i correct?

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I set up campains for display network only, but i dont have not even impressions.
I set up the country, demographic, topics, placements and ads. Everything is ok, ads are approved, but there is no impressions, and when i click on specific site from placements in manage box, it says that the ad is not showing.
Can you please tell me what can be the problem?

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Re: why there is no impressions in campains even if the set up i correct?

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Hi Net Informatika,

My best guess is that the campaigns are relatively new and that's why you cannot see traffic. Please be advised that display campaigns often take a day or 2 before they accrue any stats.

Second issue might be that your bids are perhaps too low to generate traffic.

Restrictive targeting may also be an issue. I understand you do not allow for automatic placements, just for a few managed placements. That might prevent the campaign from running okay. Also: adding demographics, topics and placements targeting simultaneously may lead to a very narrow set of users being attacked, in case you lack the proper experience. (Which I assume because you signed up here a short while ago.)