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why does my campaign show that i have clicks outside my locations

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I am monitoring my campaign...I see that 1/3 of my clicks today are outside of my designated locations. Why is that?

Re: why does my campaign show that i have clicks outside my locations

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In setting Check for how you determined Search Locations, Excluded List.


Geo Targeting

Excluding areas

In the included List, do you have it as People Search For, Have interest in, or are in Targeted Area? ( verbiage like that) The recommended setting - but can allow out of area people if you don't Add area's to the Excluded list.


You may want to change that to "Only people in my Target area) or go into the campaign settings and add ( I know it is a pain) all other area's as excluded.


FYI - The Google Search results are based on tied to either an IP address ( for desktop) or GPS location for Mobile. With recent changes last December to how a user can not longer set their location, these things of out of area can occur. Hence it is important to actually set your Adwords campaign targets to Include, as well as Exclude area's so as not to get the impressions and clicks from people that will not convert.