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what is path 1 and path 2

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when making an ad what is path 1 or path 2 for?

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November 2016

what is path 1 and path 2

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Path1 and Path2 in extended text format ads are used to construct a Display url.  Google has introduced them in order to make the display url more logical, canonical, and useful both to advertisers and to online consumers.


They are quite useful per below. 


In the new ad format, the root url is automatically extracted from the final url.  For example, if you have a final url of:


Then Google will extract your root url:


Then Google will display it with your ad like this, as the "display url":


Because people are looking at it, it's good practice to include keywords as path1 and path2.  It tells people they are finding what they are looking for. 


The display url does not have to be a working url; in most cases it is not.  It is not a clickable link to the display url address.  When it is clicked on, the clicker is taken to the final url for that ad. 


There has been some debate as to whether display url's should be redirected to the final url by advertisers, in case some key it in manually. But an emerging consensus is that this will not be necessary. 


It is possible that by using keywords as path1 and path2, Quality Score may be positively impacted.  However that is mostly speculative at this point. It will become obvious over time.