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spam conversions through adwords

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I've come back from the christmas break to find a lot of spam conversions in my adwords account.


Whoever this is has clicked on the ad and filled out the form on the landing page - this what my CMS looks like (the red box is to protect the id of the one actual conversion I've had recently):

See how it's all the same person along with just the area code of the phone number:




I've figured i can get the ip of this person through my weblogs and block them through .htaccess 

If it's a spam bot I can also add a CAPTCHA I guess.


However how can I stop them clicking on the ad in the first place?

Why would anyone even do this? To drain my budget?

I can't really see the point of it all.


Any help would be appreciated.







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January 2017

spam conversions through adwords

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Hello Richard,


I understand that you want to exclude specific IPs from seeing your ads and clicking on them.

You can do it by excluding the IP adresses in each campaign. See the detailed instructions here:

spam conversions through adwords

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Thank You Yiannis. That's exactly what I was looking for.