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"invitation no longer available." But Im tryin2 signup4 AdWord

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I'm in an SEO Copywriting Certification class, and we're practicing doing keyphrase research with Keyword Planner, and we're told that we need an AdWords account to do this. So in the course material she provides this link:


I went there and started typing in my information, but then after submitting, the page loaded with only this text:


Sorry. This invitation is no longer available. Try contacting the person that sent it to you.


First of all, this wasn't an invitation. It's the general signup link. I come to the same URL from googling AdWords sign up.


It does the same on Firefox, even when I opted to set up a new login specifically for AdWords (not linking it to one of my already existing google accounts). After submitting, the same error came up. When I try clicking the Signup link again, it just loads this again. 

I called the help phone number on the screen and she just told me that tech support isn't available unless I'm a signed-up member with a customer ID. But I can't even get a customer ID! 


I need to sign up for AdWords so I can do my course assignments and get my certification. Help, please!

Re: "invitation no longer available." But Im tryin2 signup4

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Hi Amy, how are things?

If you have not tried other browser, I'd say that it could probably be due cookies & stored data on your current browser. But since you have tested out, this does not seems the case.

It's very odd that you are getting this error on another browser as well, which indicates that your account may be the problem, which happens from time to time in Adwords. I usually see people having trouble accepting invites, but not ever signing up for the first time.

Is there any other e-mail that you could use to register and test it out?

I really can't think on any other workaround for that. I even thought on "erasing" data for Adwords on your Google account, but this is available for very specific products and Adwords is not one of them.

Leandro Martinez | Basta1Click