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my google ad word account is getting suspended at regular intervals. none of the reason is valid.

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my adword account is associated with the telco operator service like airtel,voda and idea( mobile network) and its a subscription based service where a user using the mobile data network can subscribe the service and this service is exclusively for mobile data users and balance is deducted from their mobile balance .


google has suspended my website once saying the subscription and un-subscription process is not defined on website. now all the required changes have been done . 


Now the account is suspended for a reason - 

Circumventing systems
Engaging in practices that attempt to circumvent or interfere with Google's advertising systems and processes
Examples: Cloaking; using dynamic DNS to switch page or ad content; manipulating ad text or site content in order to bypass our automated system checks; restricting AdsBot crawler access to so many of your landing pages that it makes it difficult to meaningfully review your ad, site, or account

i have cross checked my website and landing page url, we are not directing user to multiple landing pages and no re-directions are there. user can directly subscribe the service by clicking the yes button on landing page.







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my google adword account is getting suspended at regular intervals. none of the reason is valid.

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Hi @Priyanka A,


If the account is getting suspended, it is for a reason, whether you see it as valid or not. Google AdWords is a system one does not get absolute rights to. It requires careful study of it's guidelines and adhering to them. 


Further, the email they provide with the suspension is clear on why it happened, how to learn more, and what steps to take to clear it up. However, once an account gets suspended more than once... it can be suspended for life, which includes the account, email, contact info, billing info, websites, ad content, etc.. It is advised to be cautious with using AdWords properly. 


With that said, yes, it can also happen for things that you did not do intentionally... but are still tied to you/your account. Take for example a plugin for a WordPress website, or a Facebook plugin... that is on your website yet you do not control. These can cause issues with AdWords even though you did not do anything intentionally wrong. Technically, they are still on you, since they are on your website that ads land on. 


All the Best,



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my google ad word account is getting suspended at regular intervals. none of the reason is valid.

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If you share your site's URL I will take a look.