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managed read only access

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Hi guys,

I have signed up for Google Adwords account and given a 3rd party marketing agency access and his name is appearing under  "Client Managers" , 

He has managed to changed my access level from Full access to "managed read only access" without me authorizing it.

Can he do that even thought he doesn't know my password to Adwords account? 

How can I change my access level back to Full ?

Pls help.


Re: managed read only access

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It sounds to me like you are viewing your account in his MCC (My Client Account). He might have added your account to his own client center then invited you with read only invites?
Is this maybe what has happened?

If you are the owner of the Adwords account, and the initial creator, no one can change your access level from administrative as far as I'm aware.

Hope this helps.

Re: managed read only access

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hi Abbie,

Thx for your reply - so kind of you.

dont think im viewing my account in his MCC. because i created the adwords account and invited them . such as added their email address into the adwords .

maybe these guys hacked my account? its all too confusing.

do you know of google technical contact number in Australia?


Re: managed read only access

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Hello Pros C

If you gave your agency the read only access he cannot change it to the managerial access because to do the same they need your password.

for the Google technical number you can check the link :