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i need to know how to manage my adwords

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I have an account with you for some time but it now seems to stopped working.
I have asked 2 so called SEO's but all that happens it my add is not shown
Affinity Counsellng.
I have been told that I need to rewrite my website but ithas been runing successfuly since September 2009 .
The problem seems to be with what keywords and how I manage them. I am not computer literate so need help in how to keep my business running.
I am about to go out of business as has have had no contacts for 3 months.
Please help and advise

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i need to know how to manage my adwords

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Hi @Jude B,


You are saying that you asked 2 SEOs and also that your website has been successfully running since 2009. They make me uncertain regarding how to interpret your query. Are you talking about a paid AdWords campaign that you are managing?


Also please do remove the email address from your post for security reasons.




i need to know how to manage my adwords

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Hi Jude, sorry to hear of your difficulties with online marketing.  There are some good tips there from @Lakatos


AdWords is a complex system so you will need to invest some times to learn the basics if you are running a paid search (PPC) campaign. 


There are two ways to advertise on the Google search engines: organic (seo) search results, and paid search ads (PPC).  This forum is for questions about AdWords PPC campaigns.  If you are running one, then you will have an account at; and you likely will have been charged monthly by Google, unless your campaign has been paused. 


I took a look at your website, you have a very nice website and it should be possible to generate leads using Google AdWords PPC.  Best practice would be for your campaign to target specific services listed on your "Counseling Services" drop-down menu.  The related keywords should drive traffic to the individual pages on that menu, the most relevant type of counseling.  


A good way to learn the basics is to watch Google's videos from their learning center:


I didn't check your site to see if it is "mobile friendly", make sure it is as nowadays a lot of people would be searching for those type of services from mobile phones.  Google has a mobile-friendly analyzer here:


Let us know if you have more questions, there are a lot of people who frequent this forum, who can help especially when you have specific questions about AdWords. 



i need to know how to manage my adwords

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Thanks so much Steve,

My confusion is which is the best and cheapest way to go.  I keep being told I need to spend at least 250 per month and then am told 65 is plenty. 

Is it possile for us to to talk offline