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i can't add the first camping ?

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i have this message ( There was an error with your operation. If you were trying to make a change, it may not have saved. Please refresh this page to try again. If the error continues, log out of your AdWords account, then log in again and return to this page.
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i can't add the first camping ?

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Hi Sunshine,

Does this error happen when you're creating an ad using the ad gallery or ad builder, specifically after you've already successfully created one ad of that type?


I've experienced this problem quite a bit over the past few weeks. 

What I did was copy and paste the ads and edit them instead of creating new ones as it seemed to be an ongoing problem with AdWords. 

Another thing you might want to try is deleting your browser cache. For each ad and tab you have open, AdWords loads the entire ad builder which is HUGE, into memory and this can crash browsers and cause that issue (at least I think that's what was happening to me). 

If that's not helping, let me know what type of ad you're trying to create and we can troubleshoot a bit further. 

Re: i can't add the first camping ?

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kindly find the attached screen shot to what's happen with me .