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how to get rid from local Adwords customer support?

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since june 2015 (actually long before) tried to get some reasonable support from Help Center

I beleive I'm being "serviced" by group of students in Singapore 

Their level of expertise somewhere far away even from normal standards

I got extremely bad suggestions and ridiculous answer

I have to terminate most of Ads 

Even now, I still do not get an answer from this office since Sept 16 - its 6 days !!!


I called to local office here in Bangkok. 

I better wouldn't. some unhelpful teenager asked for account verifiation and asked to hold on (about 5 minutes)

when I demanded to talkto his superior - I got some proud Muslim woman (she said "I'm Thai, bit I'm Muslim" - do I care?) didn't even introduced herself and asked in rude way "what can I do for you?" as "what do you want?"

And the saga continues...


Is it "some special plan?" to repel any request - either you spend $$$ on Ads or go read forums and guess? 


Amazing! This is not Google Inc, it is papa-mama shop circa '70's

Re: how to get rid from local Adwords customer support?

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Hi @Oleg M,

so far the support team was helpfull to me. Your problems suprized me, but I'm not in south-east Asia support area so it could be possible. Did you ever recieved any questionare to evaluate the call support?

Re: how to get rid from local Adwords customer support?

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Suddenly deep at night (3AM) Saturday I got message from some creature called himself "Vic"

Standard copy-paste:

"we are sorry to hear. (yeah, sorry) that you're not happy with support (I'm not just unhappy, I'm angry in Berserk mode)

blah blah

"I will be happy to help you".... (yeah, excited like a kid)

"We heard you had a problem" (Dah!)


Ok, I asked few questions - like why even after removing site from adwords I'm still receiveng threats from Adwords etc... Also asked bot "Vic" where is he, as it is really late in Bangkok and Singapore, so he must be somewhere else ... 

That was last time I heard from bot "Vic"

This question could reveal his Geo Location and he decided to stop being "happy and willing to help" and choose to become just "sorry" and vanish. 

End of the story 

PS: I sent another letter - "what happened with reply?"

Nothing, Vic went into the void.


Most likely this semi-bot was from the US Timezone, so he did his standard routine, but the time run off and they closed the office for weekend without even saying something "we're going to get wasted for few days, please hold on, will be back on Tuesday".

In the world of decent men this considered as "rude behaviour", ignorance as well as arrogance. 

Re: how to get rid from local Adwords customer support?

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Now, October 7th, 8 calendar days from last time "Vic" appeared on my email 

"Last time I told you I would be happy to help you, but you didn't mention exactly what is your problem"

Time! It took this bot to return more than a week after since he just "left the stage", sorry - vanished

Confidence! I don't want to spend another hours explaining what and when and how and waiting until some "Vic", "Bic","Mic" or whoever will send me a bunch of links to obvious pages or forums or long and blunt statements. 

They are not providing soluitons to our questions and problems - they simply "google" your question in the "google adwords support" and send you any link that looks relevant. Or - copy and paste from it. 

Useless, waste of time and very incompetent, as any multi-tier business based on % shaving