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how to delete a second account associated with my email address

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I created an account for a friend and now am going to ad her as the new owner but then need to also delete the account from my email name without affecting my own account. How do I do this properly?


And if I decide to, how to I delete my account totally?

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January 2017

how to delete a second account associated with my email address

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Hello @Gary C,

Firstly, You need to add another email address (Your friend's email address) as an Admin user into this AdWords account, because an AdWords account cannot be without an admin user.



To do that follow the below mentioned steps

1. Sign in to your AdWords account.
2.Click "Settings" icon and select Account settings
3. Select Account access from the navigation bar.
4. Click Invite other users.
5. Enter the email address of the person you want to share your account with.
6. Enter a name for your new user.
7. From the Choose an access level drop-down menu, select the access level you want this person to have. In this case, it would be Administrative access.
8. After the person accepts your email invitation by clicking the link in the email, you'll receive a notification in your account.

So once this individual accepts the invitation, this AdWords account will have 2 Administrative users. Now, let's say you want to remove Admin user A (the original user). Simply log in with Admin user B (the newly added user), and remove access for Admin user A.

note: only Admin users can remove / grant access, so you would have to make sure when granting access to give Administrative access to the newly added user

As for the steps on how to remove a user, here we go!

1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
2. Click "Settings" and select Account settings.
3. Select Account access from the navigation bar.
4. In the "Users with account access" section, find the email address that you'd like to remove.
5. Click Actions in the "Actions" column.
6. Select Terminate access.

I hope this solves the issue. Do let me know if anything is confusing or unclear. 


Syed Sayem

how to delete a second account associated with my email address

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Just to add to the great reply above... you cannot actually delete an AdWords account - just leave them dormant.


If you want to release your email then you'll need to set up another email account (gmail or similar) and repeat the process to leave the account dormant on an email that is to all intents and purposes inactive.