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how do I get charged?

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I do not understand,I set my daily budget to $10.00 and I see I am charged for more than my budget per month, and then I set $3.00, and now I am getting charged for more than 12.00/day, and sometime more.why is that, and how do you charge me ?is it depending on certain hours? or certain distance or what? please let me know because I am not getting any calls or result from this.

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January 2017

how do I get charged?

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Hi @Orbitek Fire Protection Services Inc 2,


Google AdWords uses your daily budget to set a monthly budget... then it attempts to optimize your performance. The actual formula is daily budget times 30.4 days. So, in your case, your would have: $10 X 30.4 = $304.00 monthly. This is the maximum you will be billed for, regardless to how much the system over performs for you. A new account has to get established to determine quality scores and other metrics, and this is one way the system does that. 


If you open AdWords and click on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner and click on Billing... you can see a dashboard with all debits and credited charted. 


As for how you get charged, it is when someone clicks on your ads. You are not charged to show your ads, nor do distance or hours matter. You control your campaigns through the settings you create for each. 


Further, just because a consumer clicks on your ad... it does not mean they are going to contact you or buy from you. This is outside the scope of AdWords, just the same as if you run a billboard or tv advertising, or a radio spot, or a print ad somewhere. The system merely works with the settings you establish and takes your ads, ad groups, keywords and landing page (website url of the ad) and compiles it all to match a consumer search... then presents it for you. You should be using Google Analytics and Google Search Console with your website to learn more about what happens once someone searches and/or lands on your website. 


Also, if your ads do not match your website contents all that well... or if you do not have a clear action for them to take, you will be hard-pressed to make anything more happen from the engagement. You need to think as a consumer and match that to your wants as the business owner and determine your conversion goal. Do you want them to call you? Do you want them to click and buy from you? Do you want them to fill out a contact form? Do you want them to visit you in person? These are conversion goals


Again, everything is in your control... so you should spend some time and figure it all out. The AdWords Best Practices is a great place to learn more about the functions and operations of AdWords. 


Please dig in and then let us know what you discover. 


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