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how can i gain more potential traffic from google adwords?

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hello i am running an online printing company and i am targeting UK market. 

i am running an adword campaign on some of my product. 

but the traffic i am getting is not serious, visitor dsnt stay on my website. 

how can i gain potential traffic from adwords?

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how can i gain more potential traffic from google adwords?

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Hi  Zakir,


AdWords is merely the net to catch the fish. The bait and hook you use (ads, keywords) are components that must be correct in order to catch the fish you want. And...


...okay, enough with the fish talk. If your ads are bringing people to your website and they are not engaging your website so that they convert into a customer (or take an action (like call, web form fill, etc.), it typically means either your ads and keywords are not correctly promoting the content of the landing page... or the landing page is hard to use, understand or navigate, slow to load, doesn't work well... or the content is not very relevant to what the visitor "expected to find" ...or a little of each of these issues. 


In essence, the ads have to clearly & precisely promote what the ad's URL landing page states is on it.


For instance, if I see an ad that says $39 for 500 business cards and I am looking for new business cards and click on your ad... and land on a page that does not offer me the $39 for 500 business card deal, but instead says "get your printing done here. Flyers, banners, post cards, business cards and more. Talk to a sales rep now. Get a free quote." Guess what happens? I close that website and go back to Google search and resume my search for a deal on business cards (while ignoring your website in the ads or organic SERPs (search engine results pages). This is the biggest things that happens to new users of AdWords. Well this is actually a very common mistake even with more experienced users, too. 


Take a look at this info about landing page experience


You should be using Google Analytics and Google Search Console to better understand the visitors actions on your website. These free tools will provide a wealth of data to you. 


And you will want to spend a little time reading up on Google Best Practices for AdWords


Also, please realize that it takes roughly 30 days for your account to set with your actions and then it roughly takes 4-6 months to dial in and optimize everything. At this point, AdWords should be a very effective and profitable advertising platform for you.


Spend some time on the links I provided, play around with your campaigns and website content... and let us know any further questions you come up with or what you discover. 


Kind Regards,





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