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display URL on expanded text ads

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Expanded text ads has appeared to FORCE us to display our subdomain of the destination URL. In our case we have may have something like: as an example.

So in our ads, no matter what we try, we will always see "" in the DISPLAY URL. We would rather show in the display URL. Obviously this is not optimal for us since of the negative connotation of the word "tracking" being shown in the ad.

Do we really have to setup a whole new subdomain now with this change and hence new tracking server? Isn't there a way around this through the ad URL options? If so I cannot figure that out just yet and suggestions welcome.


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Re: display URL on expanded text ads

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Hi Matthew,

Good question.

It sounds like you're trying to place your tracking template in the ad's Final URL field. You'll actually want to place it in the tracking template field, which is available ad the ad, ad group, campaign, and account levels.

See more info here:

I hope that helps!

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Re: display URL on expanded text ads

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Hello @Matthew_C,

I believe you are saying if the final url contains a subdomain that sounds lousy ("") then the display url will show the same, how can that be changed?

Unfortunately this is how display urls are crafted now so you cannot remove a subdomain from the display url if it is in your final url. Thus, you should consider a new subdomain such as "quote" or "trynow", or whatever you want it to be.

I'm not sure what you mean by a new tracking server though. That does not have to do with the subdomain.

Let me know if that helps!


display URL on expanded text ads

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Yes, this is the answer I was expecting but wanted to confirm that. I will have to now change the subdomain completely because of this silly change and it is a HEAVY lift. 


display URL on expanded text ads

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having the same problem Matthew...