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disapproved ad

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Actually my adwords campaign was suspended or rather my account was suspended by google. But then I received an email from adwords, stating If any of your ads for this site have been disapproved for violations of our Advertising Policies, you can just re-save your ads to automatically submit them for approval. Here's how to edit and resubmit ads for approval:


I've done the same , but still my campaign home page says: We've had to suspend your AdWords account because it contains major or repeated violations of our advertising policies.


Can somebody, guide me.



disapproved ad

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Hi @Katrina P


Have you checked through the Google Advertising Policies? An account or campaign suspension sounds like you have a campaign which conflicts and this can country specific. For example you can't advertise fireworks in the UK. What type of industry are you trying to advertise in and what sort of keywords are you running? If it is a standard search campaign this is likely going to be the answer and just re-editing your adverts is going to run you into the same problem.


If it's a remarketing campaign this can be slightly more sensitive. For example we have run a PPC search campaign with some keywords around skin care products which is fine. However we couldn't implement a remarketing campaign to do with skin conditions because of the sensitivity of the subject with violates Google's advertising policies. In situations like this, even if you do get the adverts approved, it's likely that sooner or later your remarketing lists will be disapproved as soon as they reach the required threshold because of this.(Sometimes Google's internal checks can be temperamental).  


Let me know if I can help further.