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can't sign in with another CID on the same account

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I've started adwords account via my email address to make examples of the ads for Google Online Marketing Challenge pre-campaign report and now that I've been granted access with the funds for campaigns, I can't access it. I've used the same email for the account for gomc and for purposes of creating examples of ads and the problem is that there is no option to access adwords account with different CID on the same email account. My guess is that's because that 1st one is the guided one, with 3 steps, but I don't know how to exit it or something to be able to manage more accounts on my email address.

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can't sign in with another CID on the same account

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Hi @Ana K,


Your issue is not quite clear.


If you want to manage more than one AdWords account then you can sign up for an Adwords manager account

Read more about AdWords manager account.


If you want to access the same AdWords account from multiple email addresses then you need to grant access to those email addresses from your Adwords account.

Grant, accept, or remove access to your AdWords account

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Re: can't sign in with another CID on the same account

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Thank You for your answer but even when I signed up for Adwords manager
account, it still automatically sends me to that step in the guided setup
where I left off. I still can't do anything else.
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can't sign in with another CID on the same account

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So are stuck between step 4 & 5, or are you trying to access more than one GOMC account with the same Gmail account?


I would assume the CID is connected to a specific email address, and only one Gmail/CID can be used per GOMC account. Given the nature of the GOMC, that would make sense.