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can't see Adwords support contact details

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I used to be able to Google "Adwords support chat" and end up chatting to Adwords support.


When I visit, I click contact the AdWords team where I reach a page and I am greeted by a support wizard.


I can't find a way to reach support contact options through the wizard...


Help appreciated.

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can't see Adwords support contact details

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Hi @Steven D,


You can reach the support team directly from your AdWords account.

Access the Help from the AdWords UI. 

Go the settings cog > help.

There you will see all the available options to reach the support team.

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can't see Adwords support contact details

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Sort of. As of today, this basically pushes you through a support tree to documentation, not a human. I was promised a call back from my "account specialist" the last time I was able to reach a human, weeks and weeks ago, and that never happened. Then I scheduled an "adwords review" appointment, solicited by a Google employee, and the rep never called at appointed time. Then I scheduled one of these: "Stay ahead of competitors

Book a free call with an AdWords expert." and no one bothered to call. They just want the money at this point. Support is N/A.

can't see Adwords support contact details

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