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Why was my account suspended and why do I feel neglected?

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I opened an account last week, and for some reason my account was suspended after 3-4 days because of suspicious payment activity. I am being 100 percent honest when I say that I gave them a valid debit card with more than enough funds on it. I made one payment and then decreased my daily budget because I cannot spend 100 dollars every day on advertising. Next thing I know I cant access my account. I called in 5 times and they keep telling me they cant tell me why it was suspended but that I can email the support team who I emailed 3 times and also doesn't seem to give a crap, because I emailed them and they say it will take around 3 business days to hear a response and It's been more than 3 business days, no response yet. I will continue to wait but if I cant reactivate my account, I will be furious! I love the adwords platform and how it works but Im not too thrilled about the customer support.

-A Frustrated Customer

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October 2016

Why was my account suspended and why do I feel neglected?

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Hi @Lae F,


Sounds like a horrible journey so far. 


Let's see...


1) You should use this form and send your feedback, issues, and complaints to Google. Since this forum is for technical support, your venting may help you feel better... but it won't help Google in helping you.


2) AdWords does not simply suspend an account just to do it. When they take this action, they are costing themselves money, as you can already guess. There has to be a logical reason for this action... which I can sense is part of your aggravation, since you would like to know what it is and correct it. Normally, the email they send has the clues as to what has happened and why. 


When you can you used your debit card, is is drawn on a bank in the United States or one out of the country? Have you reviewed your account with your bank to see if they declined the charges? Is the card in the same name as the AdWords account and for the same city (and location) as your billing info? 


Have you tried another support method? If you go to AdWords and log in, you can click on the gear icon in the uppoer right hand corner and then click on Help... and use one of the options shown.


Hope this helps and you get back advertising soon. 


Kind Regards,




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Why was my account suspended and why do I feel neglected?

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