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Why is my landing page

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Bad QS on my keywords.
Expected click through rate: Average
Ad relevancy: Above average
Landing page experience: Below average

How do I improve my landing page experience?
https://testmysite says my site speed is good: 100, 90, 98

I have a simple navigation with a contact page and terms of service link.

I don't know what else Google is requiring of the landing page any help is appreciated.

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October 2016

Why is my landing page

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Hi @angelo b,


Quotation follows right from the horse's mouth:


***   Understanding landing page experience   ***

"The AdWords system visits and evaluates landing pages and websites on a regular basis. If you make significant changes to improve your landing page experience, you may see higher ad quality (and higher Ad Rank) over time. You might not see an immediate impact, but you may see results within days or weeks."


Details are listed on the referenced page. So that you know in advance, even transparency and navigation often cause issues. 





Why is my landing page

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It looks like my QS has improved. The "Ad relevancy" changed to "Above average", but the "Landing page experience" is still "Below average". Does Google update the QS in pieces? Am I supposed to pause my ads so that I don't waste my budget waiting for Google to update?

Why is my landing page

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It's not possible to speculate on how you might improve your landing page experience without seeing it. 


Pausing your campaign will simply pause everything, it won't accelerate the process. 


In my experience, you have to take those messages about "Expected click through rate" (etc - the three you listed) with a grain of salt. Sometimes they diverge wildly from reality. Just follow the best recommended practices for reaching a good quality score, and most of the time it will happen.  


Sometimes not, because quality score is lot a linear, perfectly predictable process. User reactions to your ad are in the equation (CTR) and the landing page analysis is somewhat subjective.