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Why doesnt adwords have a prepaid option?

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From a business perspective3 it makes sense to require a credit card but I just give them a prepaid card anyway so they are really just lying to themselves. Also, they owe ME a credit right now but wont let me use it until I update card and let me remind uyou that I can just part a card that has one cent/ You are lying to yourself and you would get less fraud if you had a prepaid option.

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Why doesnt adwords have a prepaid option?

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This is a business issue which you may want to take up with Google.


Keep in mind, this forum is a mostly peer-to-peer support community and we are volunteers; not Google.  So we cannot speak for or take action for Google.


Forms of payment are a business issue which you might want to bring to Google's attention by filing a feedback statement online.  Here is a link:



Why doesnt adwords have a prepaid option?

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Hi @Dracos Hemp Emporium,


As Steve has already stated, you should interact with Google directly with your opinions. Why they do not? Only Google knows the reasons why they do what they do. My guess is that they have things figured out pretty well and I am not one to guess or assume I know more than they do with their products & systems. I mean, really, they are Google and I am just another advertiser offering my free assistance to help other advertisers make the most of their time & money with AdWords. In terms of life success, Google wins. I might drive a new Cadillac and think I am great, whereas Google could build a few Cadillacs for fun, blow them up and be great doing it all, too. They win, my cards are folded. 


If you provided a prepaid card when they do not accept them, it will catch up with you soon enough, which will lead to a suspension of your account. And ultimately, behavior that goes against the rules/guidelines/terms of use will lead in a lifetime, permanent ban. 


As you are already seeing, your refund is at odds, which means they are already aware of your card not being a credit card. When you enter another card that has once cent on it and they ping it for $2.53 cents, your account will be suspended and they will cease communications with you. 


It sounds like are having fun with all of this, which is certainly your right to do so. I wish you the best with your unique journey. 


Kind Regards,



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Why doesnt adwords have a prepaid option?

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Simple answer: prepaid option was available in the past, but most users preferred the post payment option - so, Google  removed the pre-pay. 

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