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Why does DSA override my Keyword Campaign?

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I have a search term that I have a keyword ad campaign setup for.  I'm also running DSA.  75% of the time my keyword campaign posts an ad, the DSA posts the remainder for the exact same keywords.  Why is this?

Re: Why does DSA override my Keyword Campaign?

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Hello @Basement S


Sorry but i didn't understood your query. Can you please describe in some more detail ?


Did you mean that you have both campaigns DSA & exact keywords campaigns and DSA campaign triggers the ad which you want to get it trigger from Exact Keyword campaign?

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October 2016

Why does DSA override my Keyword Campaign?

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It could be a number of things - Ad rank, budget, locations targeting, etc.


If you are using the search term as a KW in another campaign, then add that KW (and all others in that campaign) as an exact negative to the DSA campaign. Then, if you preview that term and don't see any ads at all, you know the issue is with the KW campaign.