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Why can't I access keyword planner?

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I can't build an ad or campaign without using the keyword planner first, yet I can't get to it. And I'm not putting in my billing information to access it.

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October 2016

Re: Why can't I access keyword planner?

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both an active campaign (paused or running) with a budget and
proper, valid, billing information are now required to use the
keyword-planner -- the cost of a running campaign is per-click.


for example, simply create a minimum advertising campaign, set the budget
and initial auction-bid to $.01 and then, immediately, pause the campaign.


(a) if the account has been fully created and the entire
sign-up flow has been completed, including billing details
and a campaign then, the tools-tab should appear atop the
main menu-bar, aside home, campaigns, and opportunities --
keyword-planner will then be under the tools-tab:


note that if a managed-account (my-client-center) is being used then,
a client-account must be created (linked) and selected first, before
the tools-tab will appear -- these are account/campaign specific tools.


importantly: to not be charged, be absolutely certain that all campaigns
are paused; otherwise, the advertising-clicks will be continually charged --
no matter how well or poorly designed the advertising campaigns may be.


also importantly, most keyword-planner features require an ad campaign
with a budget to help calculate accurate and appropriate information.


exact steps on how to pause (suspend) or remove a campaign are currently here:


(b) however, if an account has been fully created and the entire sign-up-flow
has been completed, including a (paused) campaign and proper billing details,
but the keyword-planner still cannot be accessed or an issue still exists then,
a support-specialist may be contacted directly --


(c) otherwise, keyword-planner is mainly to help improve paid advertising,
existing ad-campaign research -- not for general or aggressive search-term,
search-ranking, search-engine-optimization, or any related analysis.


note that ad-campaign budgets, ad-auction bids, the type of product or service
advertised, customer behavior, overall account performance over time, clicks,
competitor bids, match-types, quality-scores, targeting, advertising spend
in relation to google's recommended ranges, spend on advertising over time,
how the tool is used, usage frequency, actual past or expected trends, and
many other advertising related actions, may statistically skew, or temporarily
inhibit, actionable keyword-planner results.


keyword-planner offers the following features for paid-advertising research:
- search for keyword/ad-group ideas for use in a paid advertising-campaign;
- help select competitive bids and budgets to use with a paid ad-campaign;
- forecast keyword performance with respect to a budget/paid ad-campaign;


(d) otherwise, google-trends is available for generic, cursory pre-campaign,
prolonged, search-term, search-engine-optimization, or related analysis,
and currently requires no billing details, no budget, no ads, and no account
information whatsoever:


see also


Re: Why can't I access keyword planner?

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Hi Lilalarmi,

these days for new accoutns you need to put in your billing information to access the keyword planner.