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Why am I getting warnings for paused ads/ad groups/campaigns?

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EDIT: Answer from Google added below.




Even though some of my ads, ad groups or campaigns are paused - I'm still getting warnings for disapproved ads due to violation of policies. For example "Destination not working".


Is there a way to only get warnings for active ads/ad groups/campaigns and/or new ads - and not the paused ones?


Thanks in advance



Answer from Google:


From Google:


From a policy perspective, I can confirm that you would receive notifications once you opt in under account settings. Notifications will be sent every time disapprovals happen, which could result from an ad review (after ad upload) or re-review. Re-review is a periodic system process that can happen any time after the ads have gone through the first round of re-review (the most common case is when system crawls changes with your site's URLs). 


And so you could definitely see notifications coming in, for paused campaigns, in case those go through a re-review process, done by our systems.

Why am I getting warnings for paused ads/ad groups/campaigns?

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As per my knowledge , There is no such filter. You can either delete those pause ads ( not recommended if you plan to reactivate it in future).

You may also try notification setting under Account setting to manage other notification settings.

Why am I getting warnings for paused ads/ad groups/campaigns?

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Thanks for your answer!


As you say, I'd rather not delete them. They ads are often paused because of removed landing page or ended campaign, but I might want to start them up at a later date or so.


It would be great if Google interpreted paused ads as not active and didn't care to look them over until they went active.


I've checked my message notification settings but unfortunately it doesn't solve it.