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Who invited me to Adwords?

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I work for an organization that grants several users access to our Google Analytics account. We've restructured and, long story short, we tried setting up an Adwords account, but when we logged in from we get a message saying "Congratulations, you've accepted your invitation, blah, blah, the person who invited you will confirm, yada, yada." 


How do we find out who invited us? Is it safe to assume the invitation came from an internal account, as in, no one from outside the organization would be able to invite us to Adwords on our property, right? If it's one of several internal accounts, then there's a possibility it's no longer in use and the confirmation email is just sitting there waiting for someone to log in and click a button. 


How do we either:

1. Find out which account invited us so we can track down the login credentials from within one of several internal departments?

2. Reassign the Adwords account management to our credentials?

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October 2016

Who invited me to Adwords?

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Hi @WLMarketing,


Yes, you are correct that it was someone with access to that AdWords account that sent the invitation. 


Because of security and privacy of accounts, I do not believe it is possible to know who sent it, who owns the account or anything like that. Someone has to be paying for the AdWords account, if it is active, and they would be the ones controlling the account. 


Do you know the AdWords account ID? Do you know what credit card is used with the account? If you have these things, you could attempt to get help with AdWords Support by calling 1-866-2GOOGLE (246-6453) 9:00 am to 8 pm ET, Monday - Friday. 


Can you trace back the history of the AdWords account and possible come up with some agencies that were hired in the past to mange it? Was there a different internal team with your company that would have managed it? Locating them and having them add a user with elevated rights to the account would be best and easiest. 


Again, because the account belongs to those that created it and Google is concerned with privacy & security, they simply cannot break into an account and give it to someone else. 


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Who invited me to Adwords?

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Thank you! We'll try and figure it out between our offices, and hopefully we can get the two sites set up in an MCC with whomever currently "manages" our Adwords account.